People ARE THE Mission!

The Big Mac has been consumed over 550 million times in the US since it came to be in the late 1960’s.  Why has it been so popular?  Advertising - word of mouth, first-hand experience with the product combined with a catchy little jingle that everyone learned in the 70’s…”2 all beef patties, special sauce, cheese, lettuce, pickles, onions… all on a sesame seed bun!”  When you heard this tune, your mouth began to water!! Well, that is if you ate hamburgers!  And, even if you didn’t, the real meat could be substituted for a veggie patty and it was still very good! 

Word of mouth advertising is powerful …BUT  most important is the passion you have about the product.  Right? When someone or something changes your life or, exceeds your average expectations we are compelled to tell others!  How’s your passion for Jesus and His mission for lost souls? The world is hungering and thirsting for something better, something true and trustworthy.  They are looking for it in the people around them and most are disappointed way too often.  We have something that’s way beyond this world… we have the way, the truth, and THE LIFE to share with them.  When people somehow wander into our fellowship they need to know three things:

 •We Love Them - because Jesus does

 •We Expected Them - because The Holy Spirit is drawing them

 •We Can’t Wait For Them to Return - because God has a mansion waiting for them too!

Here’s a little way to remember our mission:  

•God is the Bottom Bun – Everything rests on Him.  He WANTS US AND IS PREPARING A PLACE FOR US!

•Special sauce, cheese, pickles, and onions is The Holy Spirit’s work – makes us all taste better! Gives us Gifts and Leads us Home!

•The Middle and Top Buns are Jesus! He went through the struggles in the middle of life with us and He covers us with His righteous robe! His love is over us forever!

And Our Jingle:  “Jesus Loves Me This I Know…”

Keep singing it!  People are listening!

Pastor Cheri

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